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Print of the Month July 2021

„St. Peter Ording“, D 2000, Digigraphie, Fine Art Cotton Textured Natural, 100×100 cm

Summer on German North Sea coast. One of those special moments, in a short time a sandstorm came up.
I had only one shot left on my film…

Rolleiflex SL66, Planar 2.8/80mm, underexposed Agfa 50s, digitized with a Flextight Scanner.

Print of the Month May 2021

„smaltalk“, B 1987, Carboprint, Fine Art Canvas,  unique work, 100×100 cm

I hope we can travel safely again soon!

Photographed 1987 with my Rollei SL66, 80mm Lens and Tri-x 400 in Wenduin Belgium
Scanned with Hasselblad Flextight X5 and printed 2001 with the modified Encad Ilfostar Novajet 850i and Ilford Archiva 4-Black-Carbon Fine Art Ink

Print of the Month March 2021

„Grosseto“, I 1990, Digigraphie, Canson Platine Fibre Rag,  90×60 cm

May 27th 1990 Grosseto. I was engaged taking photos during the inauguration of a budistic center with his holiness the Dalei Lama. Behind the crowd  I saw this little child sitting on a fragment of the Berlin Wall, bored. We got eye contact and I took this picture with my Nikon F3.
The Berlin Wall fragment is part of the „Monument to Peace and Human Rights“ of german artist Babette Eid.
It’s located in the Sandro Pertini park of  Via Giotto, Grosseto Italy.
I’m wondering, what became of this littel boy today…

Print of the Month February 2021

„Mallorca“, E 1998, Digigraphie, Epson Fine Art Cotton textured,  90×60 cm

Shot 1998 with my first single shot mobile Camera Back,
Body Bronica ETRs, Lens Bronica 40mm F4, Camera Back MegaVision S3pro 6-megapixel 24 mm x 26 mm CCD sensor and BatPack to shoot on location!